water droplets

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Weathered Stone

Welcome to Stidwolf.com

To percieve worlds in a grain of sand, is to hold eternity in your hand.

I find that sometimes I get an idea or maybe just a feeling... I'll pick up the pen and words flow as fast as i can capture them. I sometimes wonder.. who's is the hand that moves the sword... If you like my work and find it interesting, I would love to recieve your feedback and comments.

  1. The Dance of the Field
  2. Ode to William Blake
  3. What Do I Admire About You
  4. Rooms Within Rooms
  5. Metamorphose Once in Time
  6. The Dinosaur in the Dot
  7. I am the one
  8. Ode to the girl with the dark brown eyes
  9. The Femenine Principle
  10. The Last leaf of Autumn
  11. Ballad of the Wolf
  12. Artour Oshakantsi
  13. Barbed Barbie
  14. Beyond the Pond
  15. Love and lust
  16. Ode to the Tao
  17. Worlds within Words
  18. IF
  19. I met a Teenage Existentialist
  20. Dance as Metaphorona Slow Foxtrot
  21. The Proverbial Blue Bottomed Fly
  22. Love Your Work....!