water droplets

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River Valley

beach sunset

Rooms Within Rooms

It's quite a different feeling, speaking with you like this,

knowing you can't reply.

It's rather like writing a letter

It has a calm serenity all of it's own.

It's interesting to know that I have your attention..

To know that you are reading this.

What should I do with it ?

Your attention I mean.

I could wax lyrical about life or me

But it is you I am acutely interested in

I am intrigued at the immensely powerful effect

Your absent in time, absent at a distance, attention has on me.

How calm and settled my monologue makes me feel

I strongly suspect it is not one-way...

That even now as you read this, you too are feeling..

Some serenity, some at oneness..

It's reciprocal and symbiotic I guess

Quantum mechanical, I dare say..

Feels nice, innocent..

Being, at play..

"My fathers house has many rooms"..

You just walked into one,

It's inside of you..

Welcome home, We missed you..

Stidwolf Sept 2005