water droplets

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Taylor on beach

Taylor on beach

Taylor on beach

Taylor on beach

Taylor on beach

G&T Eyebrow

Ode to William Blake..

Is the light

feeling pain

when photons fall

in drops of rain..

Twin pillars

of particle and wave

come crashing down

upon a shore

that is no more..

Nor ever was

or has ever been

yet comes round again

or so it seems

Just think of it

As waking dreams..

In the blink of an eye

It’s here, it dies..

The strange effect

of a bouncing ball

that echoes off

an imaginary wall,

yet holds it’s being

amid something small.

I am immersed

In timeless soul

a smaller part

of a greater whole

Held all in one

Quantum glue

dependent solely

upon my view

What do I see

apart from me

I see me and you

and yet not two..

That tree is she

and also me

reflected by

the light of sky

Mirrored in

a fluid eye

across all space

across all time

She floats up stream

from oceans green

moving water into land

All within his grain of sand..

Stidwolf March 2005