water droplets

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Worlds within Words...

It's not enough anymore you just feeling how i move you

How you love my love of words, what I say to you, how I do..

I want to hear how I move you, I want to know your thoughts,

I want to hear what you have to say, I want to be moved


I want words, words and worlds within words

Words that ground me, words that hound me and haunt me

Words that feed me, words that make me hunger and thirst,

scratch and scrape in the dusty recesses of my mind,

perhaps to find just one morsel of meaning


Words that move me, words that still me

Words that fuse me in body, mind and spirit

Words that make me want to leap up and dance..

Always taking just one more chance


Words that make me want to shout and scream

Is it real or is it a dream

Words that bait my beating heart, that make it sing

I am home, It's safe, I can look within.


I want words that heal and words that wound

A scar may keep me from my tomb

Wise words that teach yet do not preach

Words that inspire, And yes, words that inflame desire


Worlds from within words, words from above..

Words that fill our very being with nought but love

Words that tell me how love really feels

Words that show me you know it's real


Don't walk away and in a while know that you ran

Give me your words, move me, you can, you can

liberate the voice and let your soul sing

Stir me... move me, from deep within


stidwolf september 2005