water droplets

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snake in desert



Barbed Barbie

My life, my light, my butterfly

you knew me once as the master of all time gone by

And now my candle flutters...

in the wind of time

How can we stop the corporate world

Why do they all rescind

Crimes against nature, crimes against time

Green house gasses, corruption and slime

And yet, but not quite, your canvases are bright

The colours as they infuse somehow refuse

to say it's alright, no tax on the fuel for flight

the darkest day beckons in the belly of the night

Minds and hearts that you heal and do not steal

Yes, corporate greed has a very great need

lightness of being, harmony and light

Brought to corporate corridors of might

East v west, capitalism may not be best

A halfway house, it's a corrupted louse

Marketing to minds as young as six

All of them modern day Jesuits

They're our kids and not yours

We have stories and old folklores

TV screens and children's screams

more! more! Score! Score!

Skinny Barbie dolls

Barbed wire candle makers

What have you got to say?

To the Barbie Bakers