water droplets

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Castle from Loch


earth from space

water drop

Beyond The Pond

Beyond the waves there lies a shield

And the universe it once did yield

Excaliber rose from the dark,

gave birth to creation on the wings of a lark

In days of old, so the knights told..

Tales of whales and lost at sea

Again we think and sometimes fall

It's just another God Damn brick in the wall

If Floyd were here and all the queers

The kings, the queens, the pawns and bishops

Castles in the air, another spiral stair...



You've got the lot,

The knights have learned just how to trot

Trotskyism,... another prism

Light takes flight through pyramid rainbows

Fairy dust, lust and twinkle toes

Who shall know which way the wind blows

Teas and torrents, cream buns and currants

Fog tea pot, stale bread, no fire in the hearth

And just out of bed...

Dads asleep in the garden shed,

Another broken bottle, glass splinters in the sky

Swings made with tyres, tree tops on high

Swinging over rain drops

The Gins crystal clear

Cheers jolly swag man... Have a ginger beer






Nov 2005