water droplets

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Eclipse of the sun

whales tail breaking the surface water

Leaf cutter Ants

Andrew on the SAAB

The Dinosaur in the Dot .

Whales are blue and bigger than you

Some fish are small

And creepy crawlies crawl

They come out of the sand

and wiggle in your hand

Hey little one

Ain't life Grand

Then there's the mice

And itchy, titchy tiresome lice

There's one there, in your hair

Tricked you, licked you

my little ice cream

Favourite things, wee golden rings

Bracelets, bangles and beads

Hey that's it.. Beads,

little beady eyes and wee firefly's

All kinds of insects in the skies

Hey twinkle toes, asleep already

But I don't want to go,

Hey do you know

Some birds can take an insect on the wing

On the wings of a dove my little turtle

I haven't forgotten you little boy blue

let's go to the cape and Dad can come too

Now we're in our boat

look there's Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

All Gulls have a name

no bonny lad it's not just a game..

Fly higher, see beyond the horizon

Cats live on stars you know

And mice on the moon, because it's made of cheese

That's their idea of heaven, no cats to chase them

Pah ! Where's the fun in that, I want to be

Schrodingers cat, Hey where's my hat

Sleep little one and I will sing a lullabye