water droplets

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wolf pups

Osprey feeding chicks

lion kill

Horse running in river

Siberian tiger pair

The Femenine Principle


It is through thee that all of life comes,

In you we can see the movement of the tides

The connection to the moon…

And thus to all the planets

And the very stars and galaxies themselves.

Through you we can see…

The connective ness of All things.

Through you we can see that we are all one,

Your nature is to nurture

We can see that you and the infant are truly one,

become two…

And through the two become many.

And though we are many

We are one, one song,

One song of creation,

And we long to go home

To find our way back

To realise our infinite potential,

To become the one again.

For centuries they have suppressed you

They massacred you ‘en-masse’

They called you witches

Because you knew…(What?)

They suppressed the feminine in man too

They sent us to war.

They made us kill our own.

But now you are on the rise

The tide has turned…

And all that we yearned

Will come to pass,

It is as delicate

As a drop of dew,

Upon a blade of grass…

I adore you,

I want to explore you.

I embrace you,

And I turn to face you.

In our union

We can once again

Experience the divine…

Stidwolf Dec 2004