water droplets

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Autumn leaves

Wolf in snow

Wolf howling

Wolf pups

The Last leaf of Autumn

Summer, now it seems is gone

Those long warm days basking in the sun

How I loved that sublime warm glow

That teased young shoots and made us grow

The wind it changed, turned, went cold

All the leaves, every one bold

One by one flew to the ground

Hardly breathing nor making a sound

Till at last I was on my own

A single leaf left all alone

It's hard to bear I have to say

At last the wind still wants to play

What have I done, is this my fate

From what tree, that knowledge, did I sate?

Born hungry for forbidden fruit

Who's creator now has forsook

Ancient sap pulses through my veins

Sweet silence broken by the rains

I see no others, I hear no sound

But hark, leaves rustling on the ground

I must be still, what is it, who goes there,

A rat, a mouse, perhaps a hare..

A snake, an owl a fearsome growl

A lone wolf in the forest prowls

With silent stealth, a trepid paw

Carefully She observes natures law

Breathes in the wind, picks up a scent

Perhaps some prey, heaven sent..

Or is it a man with guile and plan

Unholy weapons, pride and skill

Readies to make that fateful kill

Oh She wolf stop won't you be still

With nerve and sinew I leap to the ground

She turns; she hears my final sound

Avoids what would have been her plight

Sees keenly mans telescopic sight

She runs with the wind, that lone she wolf

Soars like the eagle taking flight

Disappears in the dark of night

She wins the day, but does not fight

Stidwolf May 2005