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Love and lust


It’s not in my mind as simple as lust is centred in the loins, and love is centred in the heart, but rather an experience of having felt love deeply in the heart without any stirring in the loins.


Love operates on many levels, love of God, love of our family, our friends and indeed our heroes and heroines.


Love of nature, love of art, love of ones craft and profession, love of animals.


Love of life

Love of self

Love of order, disorder, chaos, excitement, the unknown, the known, what has been and is yet to come.


Love of danger, of safety and of distant shore, love of stories, tales and old folklore.


Love of music and dancing chords, vibrating wellsprings of joy, hope and faith in moments yet to come, a moment in time and yet some.


Love of manners and respect, of sharing, caring and being introspect.


Love of mind and intellect.

Love of being, love of soul, love of striving for and reaching the ultimate goal.


Love of journey and companionship along the way, and love of those who choose to stay.


And what of lust? Lusts all right, as is being held all night.


But most of all I love that I have a lust for the love of life.


And how I love to share it.


Love is the source, course and goal of my existence.

To experience love in all it’s fullness, with vigour and with lust but most of all with total trust.


With tears and joy in open song, in harmony, trust and unison.

Stidwolf 3rd july 2005